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What you can expect to learn:
  • Anatomy & Physiology:  Harmony's 500 hour RYT teacher training program is exceptionally focused on physical alignment principles, benefits, contradindication of poses, preparatory asanas, variations, modifications, adjustments and the use of props.  We will further explore functional anatomy, the biomechanics, and the kinesiology of movement as it relates to guiding others through a safe, effective, and meaningful practice. As in the 200 hr RYT, the 500 hr RYT program also far exceeds Yoga Alliance's requirements for Anatomy & Physiology.


  • Yoga History & Philosophy:  Studies of the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali beyond the Eight Limbs of Yoga, spiritual psychology, and contemporary yoga philosophy will enhance teachers' understanding of how yoga has evolved and how the history of yoga effects the core components of practice. 


  • Asana Demonstrating and Cueing:  A deeper dive into essential physical poses (asana) and the associated demonstrating and cueing of poses. Instruction will include how to most effectively demonstrate poses and give clear verbal and hands-on cues to all levels of students.


  • Advanced Asana Sequencing: Students will learn to combining the art and science of putting together yoga poses with a specific goal in mind to help a student gain the benefits of the practice. Instruction will include knowledge of which poses complement one another in sequence, pace, duration of the pose, and tempo appropriate for different levels of students and particular intentions. 

Harmony Therapeutic Yoga is accredited by Yoga Alliance to certify yoga teachers at the 500 hour RYT level of training. Upon completion of the program, students will have a full understanding of the following: 

  • Pranayama Applications: We will also expand upon more intermediate and advanced techniques in breathing practices (pranayama), including how to teach them, when they should be used, and who can benefit from them.


  • Accessible Meditation: In further exploration of meditation, teachers will demystify the practice of it and learn how to transition meditation technqiues from the yoga mat into everyday life in a way that makes it accessible and sustainable for students. Teachers will be equipped to help students remove obstacles on their meditation path.


  • Subtle Body Energy:  Teachers will learn awareness and activation of subtle energy, including how to tap into bandhas as well as the relationship between pranayama, bandhas, and the elements of yogic anatomy, including koshas, chakras, nadis, vayus, gunas, and doshas.


  • Practicum & Observation:  During each session, you will have the opportunity to practice teaching, observe others teaching, and assist students while others teach. You will have the opportunity to build your teaching skills each time you lead a practice in a constructive, yet safe and non-judgemental atmosphere. 


200 RYT and 500 RYT Yoga Teacher Training

Interested in becoming a yoga teacher, or just deepening your personal practice?  Click here to apply for our next Yoga Alliance accredited 200 RYT or 500 RYT teacher training!

Contact Director of Teacher Training for Schedule

To reserve your place in class, there is an application and a $100 deposit that is a credit to your total. You may choose from one of the following fee schedules:

One Time Payment

Payment Plan


Save Your Spot

To give you the best experience possible, our class sizes are limited. Make sure to reserve your spot online or by calling or texting (270) 792-0010.

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Cambridge Market Square 

830 Fairview Avenue

Bowling Green KY 42103


Located between Cambridge Market and Look Sharp Cleaners


Open during class times only 

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When you click submit on your application,  you will have the opportunity to pay your deposit or pay for the program in full to reserve your place in the class. You may also choose to pay by check to our mailing address or use a credit card to pay by phone. If you prefer the monthly payment plan, please submit your registration payment and we will contact you.

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There is a minimum number of 3 participants for this training to be held.  If that minimum is not met, the training will be postponed.


What you need for class:

The following text books will be required and are not included in the above fees:

Make seven convenient payments of $685 due the first of each month plus your $100 deposit.

Save by paying for teacher training in full by the start of the first teacher training session ($4200 total with $100 deposit included).

More questions? Contact Shanda Packard, Director of Teacher Training
Phone: 270-792-0010
Email: [email protected]
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