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This is not your average anatomy training.

Don't expect hours of "which bone is which" that make you feel like you're back in high school science classes...

Leslie & Amy spend time on the things that matter most to a yoga teacher and skip the memorization.

They'll help you establish a broad base of knowledge by sharing examples, analogies, stories, and guiding you through physical experiments that make the material helpful and applicable to teaching yoga to students.

Leslie & Amy will also share their own favorite teaching strategies like... 


  • How to make poses accessible for any student

  • What to do when students have an injury and still want to practice

  • Simple cues that help every student find success on the mat


Leslie and Amy's unique blend of humor and expertise make them the absolute best team to guide you through this phase of your journey.

How does it work?


You'll join Amy & Leslie at home via your computer for 20-hours of guided lesson content, reflection, personal exploration, and teaching preparation.

They'll lead you through movement experiments that will help you apply anatomy ideas to your own practice, and give you tools you'll be able to access as a teacher. You'll have time to soak up the material and try it out it in your own asana practice.

This means that each time we come together as a group, you'll already have a strong foundation in that unit's content and we'll be able to dive even deeper into the material, rather than spend valuable group time on basic concepts and memorization.

Our group time will be spent in hands-on application. We'll break into discussion groups, share movement exercises, and observe exactly how this information interweaves with our tradition. 

By the time we're finished, you'll have a broad understanding of the anatomical concepts that are most important to a yoga teacher so you can begin teaching with confidence.​




We're partnering with world-renowned Yoga Educators & best-selling authors of Yoga Anatomy, Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews.

Using what they've learned in their combined 50-years of experience training yoga teachers, they've created a unique online + in-person course.

Schedule and fees:

The 2020 schedule will consist of 10 Saturdays, from 1-3pm:

What you need for class:

One Time Payment

The following text book will be required and is not included in the above fees:

More questions?
Contact Shanda Packard, Director of Teacher Training
Phone: 270-792-0010
Email: [email protected]


Save Your Spot

To give you the best experience possible, our class sizes are limited. Make sure to reserve your spot online or by calling or texting (270) 792-0010.

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Cambridge Market Square 

830 Fairview Avenue

Bowling Green KY 42103


Located between Cambridge Market and Look Sharp Cleaners


Open during class times only 

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*Dates are subject to change, but makeup options will be available

Want a closer look at the curriculum? Here's a preview:

You'll have access to the Asana Library (a collection of 20 poses, each examined in 3 ways):


  • Breath-Centered Approach: with Leslie

  • Joint & Muscle Actions: with Amy

  • Pose-Specific Workshops: each workshop is different, and includes themes like examining how different traditions might approach each pose; talking students through strategies for different body types, etc.

Also included...

Foundational Units


  • Unit 1 - Building Blocks: Sthira & Sukha / Connective Tissue / Bones / Muscles

  • Unit 2 - Breath: Prana & Apana / Diaphragm / Ujjayi / Bhandas

  • Unit 3 - Muscle Physiology: Strength / Flexibility / Movement / Joints

  • Unit 4 - The Spine: Curves / Disks / Backpain

  • Unit 5 - The Lower Limbs: Foot / Knee / Hips / Pelvis / Walking / Alignment in Standing Postures

  • Unit 6 - The Upper Limbs: Hands & Wrists / Forearm / Elbow / Shoulder / Alignment in

Application Units: Anatomy in Asana


  • Unit 7 - Anatomy in Asana and Asana Philosophy: Introduction to working with Asana / "Benefits" of a Pose / Asana Analysis / Begin Standing Poses

  • Unit 8 - Anatomy in Asana and Pain & Sensation: A Body-Mind Perspective on how to work with pain / Complete Standing Postures / Begin Seated Postures

  • Unit 9 - Anatomy in Asana and Vinyasa: Breath + Movement / Continue Seated Postures / Move to other Floor Postures

  • Unit 10 - Anatomy in Asana and Arm Supports: Arm Support Poses


30 Hours Total in Anatomy & Physiology:

10 Contact Hours

20 Non-Contact Hours

30 Total Hours

Eligible for Continue Education Credits:


  • February 8th

  •  March 21st

  •  April 18th 

  •  May 2nd 

  •  June 6th 

  •  July 18th 

  •  August 15th 

  •  September 19th 

  •  October 24th 

  •  November 14th

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