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Enjoy the Journey

What would you do if you awoke tomorrow morning and all your life's plans were suddenly and inexplicably irrelevant? What if the people and places that are so integral to your personal identity were no longer available for your individual title: "I am a wife/husband/mother/father/employee" were no longer applicable. Then what? Who do you become? The answer, as simple as it may appear, is YOU. The truth is, the ways in which we adults commonly identify ourselves are transient. We're somebody's spouse, an employee of some place, a doer of some thing. But who were we before we were that spouse / employee / doer? We were us. Plain and simple. Our primary responsibility was to explore our world and figure out what made us tick. That didn't change because we got married, or got a job, or had kids. Those things were meant to enhance our lives, not consume them. So get back to your first responsibility: understand yourself and your world. You owe it to yourself, to your spouse, to your kids, to your employer. Just breathe. And enjoy the journey :)

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