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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Remember how exciting and big the world was when you were a kid? Remember how fun it was to think about what you would be when you grew up? Where you would want to live? Are you there? And if so, is it all that it was cracked up to be? We put a lot of pressure on ourselves at an early age to determine how we would want to spend the rest of our lives. But how much of the world did you actually understand when you were at that critical age of setting the rest of your life into motion? What undiscovered talents and interests might you have had hidden deep within your soul at the time when you were setting your course? It’s not too late. The world is still a big and exciting place. You still have so much to learn about the world, about the people in it, and about yourself. Just because you have grown up responsibilities doesn’t mean you have to stop experiencing life with child-like wonder. What interests you? Learn about it! Take a class, research it, study it, DO IT! … and enjoy the journey :)

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