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200 RYT and 500 RYT Yoga Teacher Training

Interested in becoming a yoga teacher, or just deepening your personal practice?  Click here to apply for our next Yoga Alliance accredited 200 RYT or 500 RYT teacher training!

Yoga Teacher Training Programs

We lead 200 hour and 500 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Trainings in Bowling Green, KY.

200 RYT Teacher Training

At the 200 hr level our students gain a strong foundation to begin teaching yoga safely and effectively with particular attention to anatomy and alignment along with topics in yoga philosophy. Before graduating, these teachers will have gained a comfort level and strength in leading others through their yoga practice. While these teachers are trained to deliver a yoga class sequence with specific physical or mental needs in mind, we welcome those who may not have an interest in teaching, but would like to deepen their own personal practice through extended knowledge of yoga.

500 RYT Teacher Training

At the 500 hr level our teachers gain an even deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology, advanced sequencing, demonstrating and cueing, hands-on adjustments and use of props, and the ability to use these components to deepen the beneficial effects of the practice. These teachers will have opportunities to improve their teaching techniques by observing experienced yoga teachers with the fundamentals of teaching in mind and through opportunities to teach with specific goals of the class.




More questions? Contact Shanda Packard, Director of Teacher Training
Phone: 270-792-0010
Email: [email protected]


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To give you the best experience possible, our class sizes are limited. Make sure to reserve your spot online or by calling or texting (270) 792-0010.

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Cambridge Market Square 

830 Fairview Avenue

Bowling Green KY 42103


Located between Cambridge Market and Look Sharp Cleaners


Open during class times only 

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I moved my focus to achieving the benefits of the poses as opposed to reaching a deeper expression of asanas. I have also incorporated a deeper appreciation for aspects of yoga beyond asana and pranayama. The desire to share my knowledge has deepened and I feel more confident in my personal practice.

Richard Denton

200 RYT

My RYT training has affected my practice by creating a greater understanding of the benefits, contraindications, and courage to try new variations. I feel confident in my ability to perform and teach yoga in a safe and effective manner. 

Sarah Freeman

200 RYT

My training has had a strong positive impact on my personal practice of yoga, my emotional and spiritual sides, and my ability to teach. I enjoy yoga even more now that I know correct techniques. The reading and discussions of the sutras has been very meaningful and impactful. It's given me a new framework for viewing my life. I didn't expect this new insight when I started the class. Finally, I know I can now teach a yoga class. I'm glad we had to teach each month. It gave me the confidence to know I can do it. 

Jen Kash

200 RYT

Although I've been practicing for years, my practice had become stale - repetitive, even though it was a result of a long process of trial and error, determining what felt right and most appropriate for me and my needs. I've leaned a great deal from others' styles and preferences; every class taught me many new ideas, strengths, ways of being, doing, thinking about, and practicing. Many wonderful and inspiring insights resulted for me. This is a fabulous group, a highly diverse group of dedicated yogis who take yoga seriously while also having fun with it. This has been life-changing for me - the social and intellectual and the visual and kinesthetic aspects have enormously enriched my understanding of practice as an individual and as a teacher. Wish it wasn't over!

Deborah Logan

200 RYT

The 200 hour RYT teacher training not only taught me the correct form of the asanas and pranayama, but showed me the effect yoga has on my mind and well-being. The training's emphasis on accepting yourself where you are and not having feelings of guilt when I actually did something for myself was huge for me. I have always been aware of the importance of exercise, but have come to understand the importance of the yamas and niyamas. These limbs are the keys to life. 

Jill Broderson

200 RYT

In the world of yogis, it's safe to say I was a newcomer when I began the teacher training journey, having only practice yoga for a year. I knew I had fallen in love with what I called yoga, but I had no idea there was so much more than just the practice of asanas. From a personal perspective, the top priority of yoga practice is safety, and I feel very confident in saying that through this program if I learned nothing else, I have learned how to safely instruct students, meeting them where they are. 

Heather Kessler

200 RYT

I am now more aware of the key components of each asana, including muscles that need to be stretched and strengthened - and more importantly to me - how to avoid injury. The vast numbers of variations, adjustments, adaptations, and use of props so creatively has opened my eyes and will continue to inspire me to seek out more and more information. This training has been a great step for me in my own practice to bring more honest awareness in what's happening in this body and mind during practice. 

Peggy Burcham

500 RYT

I'm able to understand better for safety for students. To learn different things through this training time working with 500 hour people as well as 200 hour people, which is a total blessing. Also the opportunities to study about the Gita and Upanishads.

Chie Tanaka

500 RYT

I believe I understand so much more about how to approach the student where he or she is and how to make the poses more accessible to all students. The Gita and Upanishads were quiet illuminating, and while I revisited the complexity, they gave me a deeper appreciation of these concepts.

Frances Strickler

500 RYT

The program prompted more awareness of my body and the importance of correct alignment while we practice yoga and in our daily lives. I now think about the purpose of each pose, the benefits, and their contraindications. I learned who mind, body, and spirit are related and that safety is more important than coming to a beautiful pose.

Shigeko Sleeper

200 RYT

This training has given my practice purpose and helped me find structure. Over the last nine months, I along with four others have given structure to a very open-ended and continuous part of my life. This training has taught me that I don't have to define it, but I do have to understand its purpose or have goals for my asana. This training has taught me that yoga can mean and be a lot of different things to different people at once. I feel less judgmental toward my own actions - be it on the mat or off. Progress can also mean moving back and starting afresh. I have the tools to maintain a curiously safe and sustainable practice.

Tori Treangen

200 RYT

With all the complex components that are yoga, I quickly realized how very little I actually know. Under highly trained, but patient leadership, we progressed through a thorough, informative, and at times, overwhelming course. As a result of competent training of yoga foundation, principles, breathing, technique, poses, modifications, and meditation to name a few areas that were covered, I am prepared to confidently continue my practice and safely lead students in theirs.

Kim Kroger

200 RYT

I thoroughly enjoyed my teacher training program at Harmony Therapeutic Yoga. My personal practice has vastly improved and I feel ready to share my knowledge with the world for many years to come. The trainer Shanda is knowledgeable, non-judgemental and encouraging. The program did a good job of gradually increasing my knowledge and preparing me to teach!

Nikole Wolfe

200 RYT

There was close supervision, detailed instruction, and individualized attention for each. There were ample opportunities to practice with fair and balanced recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

Frances Strickler

200 RYT

This program was very thorough, leaving me with the ability to teach very safely and help first time or advanced yogis attain the benefits of yoga. I have a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the philosophy of yoga, and can now also teach a very alignment-based practice with complete confidence. Having an instructor with a therapeutic yoga certification was a huge benefit because Shanda's understanding of anatomy and alignment was key in our learning.

Karen Sahetya

200 RYT

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